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Design Tips

The more money you spend on a renovation project, the more important the design becomes.  A poor design will work against you for the rest of your life.  A good design will minimize distances between essential appliances, optimize working areas and packing space, as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

Let's elaborate a little bit, focussing on different rooms. 

Bedroom Design Tips
2008-12-28 05:23:57 AM

In most bedrooms you never have enough cupboard space.  You always end up "stealing" space in your kid's bedroom cupboard or in the spare room.  I want to include some tips for saving space in the bedroom.

Wider shelves


Wide Shelves.jpg


Normally we provide equal hanging space and shelving space.  So if you have a 2m wide cupboard, we would advise 1m for hanging and 1m for shelving space.  If you make the shelves 1m wide, you can store more clothes than in two seperate 500mm wide shelving units.  The key is optimization.  You have less wasted space in a wide shelving unit than in two narrow shelving units.

Drawers below.jpg

Drawers below

Some things will always land up on top of each other: shoes, socks and underwear.  Instead of storing them on shelves, consider adding a bottom row of drawers to the design.  The top section can provide shelving for folded clothes and hanging space as usual.

Pullout shelves

Another alternative is to use pull-out shelves.  These work very well for shoes.  In fact any shelf lower than elbow height could be converted to a pull-out shelf.  Think about it: You no longer have to crawl on your knees to get into the back of those bottom shelves.  You simply pull the shelf, and everything comes to you!

Feel free to browse through our Photo Gallery for more ideas.


Pullout Shelves.jpg