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Design Tips

The more money you spend on a renovation project, the more important the design becomes.  A poor design will work against you for the rest of your life.  A good design will minimize distances between essential appliances, optimize working areas and packing space, as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

Let's elaborate a little bit, focussing on different rooms. 

2008-12-28 05:11:29 AM

The most important decision to make in any bathroom is the choice of materials.  Cheaper materials tend to expand in a short space of time due to moisture in the bathroom.  Many people buy off-the-shelf products for their bathrooms only to find later on that they have a short lifespan in the bathroom.

We recommend the use of Impact edged melamine, sprayed supawood, veneer or solid wood in the bathroo, along with granite or solid wood tops in the bathroom. 

Our cupboards are designed with the proper overhangs, so that water would not accumulate on the top edges of your doors. 

Have a look at our bathroom section in the Photo Gallery for more ideas. 


Oak veneer IW Brown - Bathroom cabinet - Surinno tops.JPG