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Design Tips

The more money you spend on a renovation project, the more important the design becomes.  A poor design will work against you for the rest of your life.  A good design will minimize distances between essential appliances, optimize working areas and packing space, as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

Let's elaborate a little bit, focussing on different rooms. 

The Office / Study
2008-12-28 05:07:23 AM

Every office is so uniquely different that we cannot even begin to give you any hard and fast rules for designing your's.  However, a few considerations follow.

Any modern office need to accommodate computers, printers, telephones, CD's, DVD's, wiring, etc.  Attempt to remove any clutter by assigning a storage space for everything.  We generally store CD's and DVD's in drawers specifically designed for them.  

Printers should be easily accessible.  You should not box them in too much, since it may cause difficulty when you need to replace ink or paper.  Computers should have enough room for ventilation.  Raise them from the floor if possible, otherwise the airvents get clogged with dust from the floor. 

Use corners well.  A corner or L-shaped desk is ideal for your computer.  The monitor always fits nicely in the corner, providing extra space in the front.

We include a few unique designs below.  Feel free to adapt the designs and let me know when you are ready for a quotation.  See our study section in the Photo Gallery


Maple Shaker - Office - Filing
Maple veneer - Mobile drawers
Maple VOE - L-shape desk
Maple VOE - L-shape desk2
Maple Veneer - Reception
Maple Veneer - Reception
Study corner - Shaped top
Vancouver Maple - Office worktops
Vancouver Maple Impact - Bookshelf adjustable metal fittings
Vancouver Maple Impact - Bookshelf