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When it comes to hinges, drawer runners, sinks, plumbing and appliances, there are a few things to consider.  We use self-closing metal hinges and drawer runners on our standard installations.  However, many people today wish to explore the modern alternatives, such as soft-close hinges and drawers, gaslift mechanisms, pullout shelves and a myriad of corner cupboard solutions.   

2008-12-29 12:02:12 AM
A good choice in handles can raise the overall appearance of a kitchen to a whole new level.  The most popular handles are listed below.
12mm Square Bar Handle
13mm Square Stainless Steel Handle and Knob
24mm Round Knob, Round Pillar
25mm Rectangular Stainless Steel Handle and Knob
25mm Square Knob, Square Pillar
40mm Rectangular Stainless Steel Handle and Knob
AK12 Knob
AK15 Knob
AK16 Knob
Flag Grip Handle
Harvard Handle
L-Grip Handle
Nook Handle
Postbox Handle
Roman Bar Handle
Slope Handle
Square Pillar 12mm Diameter Bar Handle
Stainless Steel Bar Handles