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Lasting quality 

Have you ever heard the saying: "You get what you pay for?"  This is especially true for the materials we work with.  Different materials open up different possibilities for design.  Each material also has different properties with respect to:

  • Heat resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to friction (wear and tear)

We find that in most cases one would get away with a cost-effective kitchen when using melamine woodgrain finishes for the carcasses, along with Impact edged doors, granite tops and appealing stainless steel handles of your choice.

These materials are long-lasting and low-maintenance, yet they don't break the bank.  

Increase in value

We have learned from estate agents and developers that the money you spend in the kitchen will be returned to you many times over when you decide to sell your house.  The main attraction for the buyer is normally a granite counter top, along with the materials described above.

Of course, should you decide on solid wood, CaesarStone, glass splashbacks and other high-end materials, we would gladly advise on their best use in your design. 


We have a full set of samples in almost every imaginable material available in South Africa.  We will gladly bring them along when coming through for the initial consultation.

2008-12-26 02:59:35 AM
Melamine-faced board (or commonly known as melamine board) is a very versatile material, lending itself to many applications such as the manufacturing of kitchen cupboards, bedroom cupboards and office furniture. The main advantages are:
  • Variety of colours, including plain colours and woodgrain colours
  • Easy to clean, scratch resistant and maintenance free
  • Availability
  • Reduction in cost (less labour intensive)
  • Quicker manufacturing times (no sanding or spraying necessary)

The most popular colours are listed below.

American Walnut Peen
Balsa Alpine
Bavarian Beech Peen
Black Cherry Peen
Bodensee Cherry Peen
Burgundy Mahogany Alpine
Cape Imbuia Peen
Champagne Oak Alpine
Cherry Royale Alpine
Cream Peen
Etimo Peen
Field Oak Alpine
Harvard Cherry Peen
Light Cherry Alpine
Light Maple Alpine
Memphis Cherry Alpine
Red Alder Peen
Royal Birch Peen
Royal Mahogany Alpine
Shale Oak Peen
Summer Oak Peen
Tansau Maple Alpine
Vancouver Maple Peen
Venza Oak Peen
Wenge Alpine
White Alpine
Wild Apple Peen
Veneer and Solid Wood
2008-12-26 02:59:01 AM

Unlike melamine-faced boards, solid wood and wood veneers are products of nature. Kitchens crafted in solid wood have a rich and distinct character. 

Each kitchen is unique because each wood (even the same species) varies from batch to batch.  Viewing wood from different angles often renders different appearances.  Wood and veneers become richer and darker with time.  The main advantages are:
  • Wooden counter tops can be shaped to enhance your designs
  • Wood can be stained and limewashed to enhance its appearance.
  • Wood does not show wear and tear like melamine. 
  • Chipmarks do not develop as with melamine boards.
  • We use 2mm solid wood edging on all our veneer components
  • Huge variety offer uniqueness

The most popular woods are listed below. 

Beech (pink)
Bubinga (African Rosewood)
Cherry Wood (natural)
Cherry Wood (stained)
Crown Sapele (Stained Black)
Crown Sapele (stained brown)
Crown Sapele (Light Mahogany stain)
Crown Sapele (Mahogany stain)
Crown Sapele (natural)
Jarrah Wood
Oak (Antique stain)
Oak (natural)
Oregon Pine (crown cut)
Oregon Pine (quarter cut)
Red Alder
Tasmanian Oak
Wenge (recon)
White Ash (stained Black)
White Ash (stained Brown)
White Ash (Limewashed - neutral)
White Ash (Limewashed)
White Ash (natural)
White Beech
2008-12-26 02:58:24 AM

Granite is probably one of the most versatile materials for counter tops.  From a design perspective, it allows for shaping and polishing which is not possible with many other materials.

It is also a natural product, which means that each slab has its unique characteristics.  This uniqueness gives a kitchen its own character.  No one else will have the exact same pattern on their kitchen tops.

Granite can vary quite a lot from slab to slab.  That is why we always recommend viewing your slabs at the slab supplier before ordering, especially if you have a particular pattern in mind. 

Never choose a slab based solely on website or printed pictures.  Even small granite samples can be deceiving.  It is best to view the slab as a whole.

It is important to note that granite is a quartz-like substance and hairline suface cracks may appear anywhere on the slab.  These cracks are not defects, but rather a natural characteristic of granite.  We always seal the granite after installation.

What about marble and sandstone

Marble and sandstone are much softer than granite.  Therefore we do not recommend using them in the kitchen.  Marble is better suited for bathroom vanities, where smaller sizes are used.

I include some granite samples below:

African Red
Baltic Brown
Blue Pearl
Crystal Rose
Crystal Sands
Emerald Pearl
Galaxy Black
Giallo Namib
Giallo Veneziano Fiorito
Kashmir Gold
Kashmir White
Zimbabwe Black
Multi Colour Red
Namibian Pearl
Nero St Lucia
Nut Brown
Olive Green Flowers
Rosso Sienna
Tan Brown
Verde Ubatuba
2008-12-26 02:57:44 AM

CaesarStone high-tech quartz surfaces, has exceptional qualities that make it the ideal material for kitchen surfaces and bathroom vanity tops, areas that demand ease of maintenance enduring quality and good looks.

The material is very versatile.  Bullnoses and backsplashes of any shape and size can be manufactured on request.  Glue lines and joints are virtually invisible to the naked eye.  Prep bowls and sinks are normally integrated seamlessly.  No more silicone!  Easy to clean.  Very higienic. 

CaesarStone possesses the following distinctive characteristics:

• Superior strength and flexibility
• Highly chip and scratch resistant
• Non-porous and impervious to stains
• Resistant to most household acids
• Highly heat resistant
• Immune to freezing and thawing
• Mould and mildew resistant

Comparative tests have proven CaesarStone superior to other surfaces including natural stone. CaesarStone withstands exposure to tea, coffee, wine, vinegar, lemon juice, and most coloured spices, in fact, just about anything found in a typical kitchen or bathroom. Just wipe and the surface is like new again.

This space age product is stronger than granite and is available in a variety of modern, vibrant colours, allowing you complete decorating freedom.

CaesarStone Alaska
CaesarStone Ash
CaesarStone Biscuit
CaesarStone Black Star
CaesarStone Blue Star
CaesarStone Canary
CaesarStone Candy
CaesarStone Carrara
CaesarStone Coffeebean
CaesarStone Frosted Jade
CaesarStone Fusion
CaesarStone Golden Sand
CaesarStone Grey
CaesarStone Honey
CaesarStone Ivory
CaesarStone Latte
CaesarStone Lime
CaesarStone Moccha
CaesarStone Red Star
CaesarStone Sahara
CaesarStone Snow White
CaesarStone Tangerine
CaesarStone Travertine Champagne
CaesarStone White Star
2008-12-26 02:56:45 AM

Formica tops have been around for many years and still make their way into most kitchens. 

Formica tops takes the durability of Formica and combines it with the strength of BisonBord to create a versatile work surface. These engineered worktops have the following features.

Formica tops have the ability to last a lifetime. It is scratch resistant, heat and impact resistant, and comes with the SABS stamp of approval.

It must be said that a bad installation will dramatically shorten the life of your Formica tops, due to moisture penetration.  We have perfected the installation process, sealing every joint properly and with the right sealants, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

I include some popular colours below.

African Red
Almond Marble
Arctic Granite
Bavarian Beech
Beige Terrazzo
Beige Universe
Black Cherry
Black Slate
Blue Terrazzo
Bodensee Cherry
Emerald Slate
Fawn Slate
Fire Dust
Green Marble
Green Terazzo
Grey Pebbles
Imatra Granite
Isis Kokino
Isis Prasino
Moss Granite
Natural Oak
Palazzo Gold
Peru Terrazzo
Red Alder
Sea Slate
Shale Oak
Sierra Granite
Star Dust
Vancouver Maple
Venza Oak
Verster Granite
White Marble
2008-12-26 02:56:08 AM

We often use frosted glass for door panels, creating a focus point in your kitchen.  Any decorative pattern can be applied on such a panel. 

We also use coloured glass panels for easy to clean backsplashes. No more cleaning of grout lines between tiles!  Our clients normally provide us with a colour sample of their choice.  Such a sample can be collected from any paint shop or hardware store. Also see some samples below.

Orange Glass Backsplashes
Orange Glass Backsplashes
Sandblasted pattern on clear glass
Fully sandblasted glass doors
Glass Doors by Mepla (film, not sandblasted)
Clear glass display unit
Surinno Tops
2008-12-25 09:54:18 PM

Surinno and other polimer-based materials are relative newcomers to the scene of interior design, and promise many additional design possibilities.  The material is normally 13mm thick and is glued to a 16mm board, resulting in a 30mm counter top.  It is softer that granite and CaesarStone, but can be repaired on site easily.  It can also be re-polished or buffed.

The material is very versatile.  Bullnoses and backsplashes of any shape and size can be manufactured on request.  Glue lines and joints are virtually invisible to the naked eye.  Prep bowls and sinks are normally integrated seamlessly.  No more silicone!  Easy to clean.  Very higienic.

Surinno tops are not as cold to touch as is granite and CaesarStone, but needs to be handled more delicately.  It's heat and impact resistance do not compare with that of granite and CaesarStone.  Never put hot pots directly on Surinno.  Use a wooden cutting board or similar product under your pots.