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Welcome to our Photo Gallery.  We update the gallery each time we finish another exciting project, offering you the best examples of the latest trends.

Our Factory
2012-06-13 11:52:54 AM
Here are some pictures of our factory.
Creative Breakfast Area & Other Kitchen Samples
2008-12-28 11:32:23 PM

A well-designed breakfast nook can function as a beautiful focus point in the kitchen.  It also lends itself towards the entertainment of friends and family, even while the cook is performing the last few chores in the kitchen.

We loaded a variety of pictures of kitchens we installed in the past.  There are samples of Jarrah Veneer, Maple Melamine, White Duco combined with kiaat and Mahogany. Cherry Veneer, etc. etc.  These should give you a fairly good idea of what we are capable of providing to you. 

Kitchen Etimo Melamine6
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer10
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer11
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer2
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer3
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer4
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer5
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer6
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer7
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer8
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer9
Kitchen Maple Melamine1
Kitchen Maple Melamine2
Kitchen Maple Melamine3
Kitchen Maple Melamine4
Kitchen Maple Melamine5
White Duco & Mahogany1
White Duco & Mahogany3
White Duco & Mahogany4
White Duco & Mahogany5
White Duco & Mahogany6
White Duco & Mahogany7
Whtie Duco & Mahogany2
Maple Melamine Post Form
Maple Melamine Postform2
Maple Melamine Postform4
Maple Melamine Postform5
Maple Melamine Postfporm3
White Duco & Kiaat 9
White Duco & Kiaat1
White Duco & Kiaat10
White Duco & Kiaat11
White Duco & Kiaat2
White Duco & Kiaat3
White Duco & Kiaat4
White Duco & Kiaat5
White Duco & Kiaat6
White Duco & Kiaat7
White Duco & Kiaat8
Cherry Veneer, Rustenburg Granite
Cherry Veneer, Rustenburg Granite2
Cherry Veneer, Rustenburg Granite3
Cherry Veneer, S S Roller Shutters
Cherry Veneer, S S Roller Shutters1
Cherry Veneer
Cherry Veneer1
Kitcen Etimo Melamine7
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark1
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark2
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark3
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark4
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark5
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark6
Red Alder Shaker - Kitchen overall
Red Alder Shaker - Shaped counter - Rustenburg colour
Red Alder Shaker - Shaped counter - Shaped bulkhead
Red Alder Shaker - Walk-in pantry
Kitchen Etimo Melamine1
Kitchen Etimo Melamine2
Kitchen Etimo Melamine3
Kitchen Etimo Melamine4
Kitchen Etimo Melamine5
Exquisite bathrooms
2008-12-28 11:30:13 PM

A lot can be achieved through clever planning in the bathroom.  Confined spaces challenge us to rethink conventional designs.  The high moisture environment often requires us to upgrade the materials to Surinno, veneer or PVC wrap components.

Below are a few examples of our latest achievements. 

Vancouver Maple Impact - Bathroom Granite
Vancouver Maple Shaker - Bathroom - Towels - Frosted glass
African Mahogany Veneer1
African Mahogany Veneer2
African Mahogany Veneer3
Cherry Veneer Vanity1
Jarrah Veneer1
Jarrah Veneer2
Bathroom Etimo Melamine
Bathroom Etimo Melamine2
Bathroom Etimo Melamine3
Light Maple Impact - Bathroom drawers
Light Maple Impact - Bathroom drawers2
Limewash - Vanity - Surinno
Oak veneer IW Brown - Bathroom - Framed cabinet - white doors - dark frame
Oak veneer IW Brown - Bathroom cabinet - Surinno tops
Oak veneer IW Brown - Floating shelves bathroom
Oak veneer IW Brown - Framed bathroom cabinet
Royal Mahogany - Lattice - Bathroom laundry1
Royal Mahogany - Lattice - Bathroom laundry2
Royal Mahogany Impact - Cement bathroom cabinet
Bedroom cupboards
2008-12-28 11:14:44 PM
We recently completed a project where we needed to save precious space in the bedrooms.  We designed the cupboards with sliding doors, allowing more space in front of the cupboards.  This solution is becoming more popular in view of the fact that new homes are becoming smaller and smaller.
Also find examples of the usual bedroom cupboard in different finishes.
Bedroom Etimo Melamine
Bedroom Etimo Melamine2
Black Cherry Melamine
Black Cherry Melamine2
Black Cherry Melamine3
Etimo Melamine
Etimo Melamine2
Maple Postform Bedroom1
Maple Postform Bedroom2
Vancouver Maple Shaker - Sliding door open
Vancouver Maple Shaker - Sliding Door
Corner Drawers
2008-12-28 11:07:26 PM
One way of saving space and improving accessibility in a corner cupboard is to make use of corner drawers.
Duco - Corner drawers closed
Duco - Corner drawers open
Duco - Corner drawers open2
Limewash - Corner drawers open
Limewash - Corner drawers
Oregon Shaker - Corner drawers - 1 open
Oregon Shaker - Corner drawers - 2 open
Office design
2008-12-28 11:07:13 PM
In an office environment everything centers around efficiency and aesthetics.  Any modern office need to accommodate computers, printers, telephones, CD's, DVD's, wiring, etc.  Attempt to remove any clutter by assigning a storage space for everything.  We generally store CD's and DVD's in drawers specifically designed for them.  

Printers should be easily accessible.  You should not box them in too much, since it may cause difficulty when you need to replace ink or paper.  Computers should have enough room for ventilation.  Raise them from the floor if possible, otherwise the airvents get clogged with dust from the floor. 

Use corners well.  A corner or L-shaped desk is ideal for your computer.  The monitor always fits nicely in the corner, providing extra space in the front.  We recently finished a project in Maple Veneer.

Also find examples of less formal offices we have completed in the past.

Maple Shaker - Office - Filing
Maple Shaker - Office - Filing
Maple veneer - Mobile drawers
Maple Veneer - L-shape desk
Maple Veneer - L-shape desk
Maple Veneer - Reception
Maple Veneer - Reception
Maple Veneer - T-shape desk
Study corner - Shaped top
Vancouver Maple - Office worktops
Vancouver Maple Impact - Bookshelf adjustable metal fittings
Vancouver Maple Impact - Bookshelf
Office Braai Cherry Royal Melamine1
Office Braai Cherry Royal Melamine2
Office Cherry Royal Melamine
Office Cherry Royal Melamine2
Office Cherry Royal Melamine3
Office Display Cherry Royal Melamine