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Welcome to our Photo Gallery.  We update the gallery each time we finish another exciting project, offering you the best examples of the latest trends.

Creative Breakfast Area & Other Kitchen Samples
2008-12-28 11:32:23 PM

A well-designed breakfast nook can function as a beautiful focus point in the kitchen.  It also lends itself towards the entertainment of friends and family, even while the cook is performing the last few chores in the kitchen.

We loaded a variety of pictures of kitchens we installed in the past.  There are samples of Jarrah Veneer, Maple Melamine, White Duco combined with kiaat and Mahogany. Cherry Veneer, etc. etc.  These should give you a fairly good idea of what we are capable of providing to you. 

Kitchen Etimo Melamine6
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer10
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer11
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer2
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer3
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer4
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer5
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer6
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer7
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer8
Kitchen Jarrah Veneer9
Kitchen Maple Melamine1
Kitchen Maple Melamine2
Kitchen Maple Melamine3
Kitchen Maple Melamine4
Kitchen Maple Melamine5
White Duco & Mahogany1
White Duco & Mahogany3
White Duco & Mahogany4
White Duco & Mahogany5
White Duco & Mahogany6
White Duco & Mahogany7
Whtie Duco & Mahogany2
Maple Melamine Post Form
Maple Melamine Postform2
Maple Melamine Postform4
Maple Melamine Postform5
Maple Melamine Postfporm3
White Duco & Kiaat 9
White Duco & Kiaat1
White Duco & Kiaat10
White Duco & Kiaat11
White Duco & Kiaat2
White Duco & Kiaat3
White Duco & Kiaat4
White Duco & Kiaat5
White Duco & Kiaat6
White Duco & Kiaat7
White Duco & Kiaat8
Cherry Veneer, Rustenburg Granite
Cherry Veneer, Rustenburg Granite2
Cherry Veneer, Rustenburg Granite3
Cherry Veneer, S S Roller Shutters
Cherry Veneer, S S Roller Shutters1
Cherry Veneer
Cherry Veneer1
Kitcen Etimo Melamine7
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark1
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark2
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark3
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark4
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark5
Kitchen Cherry Veneer Stained Dark6
Red Alder Shaker - Kitchen overall
Red Alder Shaker - Shaped counter - Rustenburg colour
Red Alder Shaker - Shaped counter - Shaped bulkhead
Red Alder Shaker - Walk-in pantry
Kitchen Etimo Melamine1
Kitchen Etimo Melamine2
Kitchen Etimo Melamine3
Kitchen Etimo Melamine4
Kitchen Etimo Melamine5