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The art of design depends mostly on two very important factors: Practical elements and Personal taste.

Whereas we have focussed mainly on the practical elements so far, this section is dedicated to the different styles currently available.  How to decide is up to you. It's a matter of personal taste. 

Impact, Devin and Postform Doors
2008-12-28 06:32:37 AM

The variety of cabinet door styles below lends a different look and feel to your cabinet installation.  Contemporary kitchens focus on easy-to-clean, flat panel doors.  Flat panel doors are most practical in today's busy lifestyle, where the cleaning effort needs to be cut down to a minimum.  One popular variant are Impact Doors.  Instead of the normal 0.4mm PVC edging, Impact doors normally have 3mm PVC edges, matching the colour of the door. As an alternative, Devin doors can also be used.  Devin doors have bevelled edges as seen on the photos below.

Postform doors are similar to Flat Panel doors, except for their rounded edge contours.  These edges allow for better water resistance, since there are no glue seams on the face of the door.

The Shaker style appeals to those who are looking for a bit more variation in the overall appearance of their home.  Shaker doors have a simple recessed panel design, and a very lightweight construction.

Raised panel doors are also framed doors, but the center panel is raised above the line of the frame.  This renders a more classical atmosphere.

Devin Door
Shaker Door
PVC wrap - Various styles
Impact edges
Raised Panel Door
PVC wrap - Various styles
PVC wrap - Various styles
Postform Door
Shaker Door with v-groove centre panel
Shaker and Raised Panel Doors